Guide to either loving or hating Ender’s Game (film)

Warning, potential spoilers ahead (for those who didn’t read the book).


The internet is extremely polarized, maybe it is because of all the 1’s and 0’s, but there is only enough room on it for love or hate. If you walk out of Ender’s Game unsure which extreme position to take, here are some things that might help you.

Something to love: After 28 years of screwing around, they finally made it into a film
Something to hate: The beloved children’s book The Hobbit gets 3 – 3 hour movies while we get a 2 hour film that could have easily been 2.5 hours and refined a few points

Something to hate: “The enemy’s gate is down” is now Bean’s idea
Something to love: Bean still says it as the end of the movie to try and relax everyone

Something to love: The Battle Room is pretty cool and larger than you imagined
Something to hate: The Battle Room now has an incredibly distracting view of the Earth

Something to hate: All of the kids appear to be the exact same age and Bonzo is inexplicably a foot shorter than everyone else
Something to love: Almost all of the important characters are represented

Something to love: Rather than just shooting light, the guns now shoot balls of energy
Something to hate: The Battle Room is reduced to paintball in zero gravity

Something to hate: Ender’s fight with Bonzo is short and ends more in an accident than intent to win
Something to love: Ender still drinks the blood of his fallen enemies

Something to love: Many of the special effects look amazing
Something to hate: The mind game looks like a modern day video game

Something to hate: The film portrays Ender as having been in only one army and only one battle before being promoted to commander
Something to love: We don’t have to see Ender cry himself to sleep every night because no one loves him

Something to love: Peter and Valentine take a major back page to the story
Something to hate: If Peter and Valentine were your favorite parts of the book, then you hated the book as well

Something to hate: The Formics are never called Buggers
Something to love: Ender still gets to destroy that filthy Bugger race


3 thoughts on “Guide to either loving or hating Ender’s Game (film)

  1. Something to hate: Ender meets a queen buggar at the end of the movie. If there is a queen still alive, why isn’t there a buggar army alive as well?
    Something to love: Ender still gets the egg and takes off into space to find the buggars a home.

  2. The Enemy’s Gate Is Down is Ender’s idea in the movie, too. Bean then says “Like a bug to be squashed under our feet.” Bean then repeats it to calm and guide his friend in the final battle.

    The Battle Room IS paintball in zero gravity.

    Some people are short.

    I don’t even know what to say to the “Blood of fallen enemies” lines other than “No.”

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