Highlights from 2014 – 4th Quarter

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Highest Voted Question: Where does the stereotypicial image of the ‘Grey’ alien come from? asked by raki. The runner up question (by 2 votes) was What did Padmé die of? asked by Richard.

The question with the most views, 21517, and a score of 1 (not a typo), was In which order should I watch the X-Men movies to know Wolverine’s full sequential story? asked by parto. The runner up, with 16978 views and a score of 19, was Who exactly constructed the tesseract room in Interstellar? asked by Jason Sebring.

The question with the highest voted answer was Where did King Arthur get his sword, Excalibur? asked by Christofian and answered by Brouellette.

Top User Picks

Darth Satan liked the question Is a lightsaber’s hilt resizeable?

An awful, awful, awful, awful question that prompted an excellent answer

Richard liked several.

Why is Wednesday Addams named … Wednesday?

I thought I’d found the definitive answer, only to discover that there was an even stronger one waiting in the wings.

He greatly enjoyed Thaddeus‘s answer to What’s under the crystal bridge in Asgard?

I especially enjoyed the maps and pictures

And, pinnacle of humility that he is, he also enjoyed his answer to the question In “The Matrix”, why are there no animals?

Shevliaskovic liked the question Unknown feature on Middle Earth’s map? and his subsequent answer.

I..liked my answer there because I found some interesting discussions.

The user Null liked the question Why didn’t Qui-Gon Jinn use his Jedi mind tricks to exchange his Republic credits?

It exposed what nearly amounts to a plot hole, as demonstrated by the poor answer (as noted in the comments, I think the answer was poor because of the filmmakers, not @Richard).

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2 thoughts on “Highlights from 2014 – 4th Quarter

  1. Holy cow! My question got an honorable mention? I’m glad you guys liked it as well. The responses and “mystery solved” aspect of the discussion was great fun.

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