Howdy, readers! Some big changes are underway for this site. Please excuse any oddities or maintenance downtimes as we upgrade The SFF Blog and relaunch by end of April.
Major upgrades are underway for The SFF Blog! Please excuse any bumps as we grow. We should finish by end of April.

Funding Paper Trail

The purpose of this page is to act as a transparent paper trail for the sake of donors to the GoFundMe campaign to help fund the IT costs of the blog. 

While not necessary or even asked for, I still believe it’s the ethical thing to do when soliciting donations for something that has such an easily trackable way to show the funds were used properly. 

Anticipated expenses: 

Hosting$131.88Jan 2020Paid
Domain$13.16Oct 2020Funded

For the Jan 2020-Jan 2021 year, the actual web hosting has been paid. These screen snips show how the funds moved from GoFundMe/WePay, into the bank account I set up for the fund, out through PayPal, and confirmation of payment from the web host. Of note, the majority of the funds were deposited into my normal account because WePay had already scheduled that before I’d made the dedicated account, which is why the transfer in happened. The transfer out was to facilitate the PayPal withdrawal.

Following that is the full paid invoice from the web host. On all documents, certain personal information has been redacted, such as full address or identifying account numbers, but is otherwise unaltered.

Snips of account balance pages showing proper trail of GoFundMe donations
“Paper Trail” of donations
Paid A2 Hosting invoice for annual Swift Web Hosting service
Web hosting invoice