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I went to the 9:50 screening of Deadpool last night. I managed to get the center seat in the back row. The theater was about 1/4 full, and even then there was a buzz in the air.

Deadpool, Marvel’s latest comic book character to receive the R-rated movie treatment due to violence and subject matter, drew genre appropriate previews. I couldn’t even absorb the body count before the actual film even started. If you like “shoot -em up bang! bang!” movies, this summer might be your best summer yet.

Deadpool can be a bit of a smart-ass.
Deadpool can be a bit of a smart-ass.

I have been enjoying the Deadpool teasers as they have been released, so I had a pretty good idea of how the movie was supposed to be, but we know how that can work. Best laid plans and all that. However, this particular movie delivered. Yeah, sure, this movie is about a wisecracking immortal a-hole comic book character, but the immortal wisecracking a-hole comic book character has style, and the film even managed to give us enough backstory to make Deadpool three dimensional. The movie felt like it was crafted by both the people in front of and behind the cameras. It comes across as the movie they meant it to be and wanted us to see.

It was entertaining from the opening credits all the way through the closing credit scroll (and beyond), so don’t be in a rush to leave your seat. Ryan Reynolds admirably breaks down the 4th wall, and this movie is most definitely a feather in his cap. 2016’s Deadpool is a far cry above the version he played in X-Men Origins, and the supporting cast, CGI, stunts and dialogue come together to make this film funny, action packed, and maybe, just maybe, my new favorite comic book to movie translation.

It is full of helpful life lessons, like math and advice on relationships, delivered with his never say die attitude. I’m just going to say it. If you like the comic books, you will love the film.

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5 thoughts on “Deadpool Review

    • I haven’t seen it yet, but this review indicates Deadpool is pretty violent, although it sounds like it’s very stylized and has a tongue-in-cheek quality. I dunno, did you find the original Robocop to be too “shoot em up bang bang”?

  1. Hmm. How can I say this without spoiling anything. There is a fair amount of gunplay and the special FX make it seem pretty realistic. If you are a DP comic fan I’d say yes. You will like it. If you aren’t a fan you still might like it because of the script and the performance of Ryan Reynolds.

  2. The thing that disturbed me most about Robocop was the gleeful evil thugs, Red Foreman’s evil thugs and their remorseless killing of Robocop. Yes, DP is nearly full to the brim with violence, but DP can and will talk himself and us as well though it.

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