Highlights from 2014 – 3rd Quarter

The question with the highest score and the most views was Why did the Matrix simulate 1999 instead of a pre-computer year?. This was also a favorite question of Richard “the Lion Heart” Lion Heart. He felt it was a “good question that provoked a pretty good range of answers.”

The question with the highest answer score was Hogwarts: So why aren’t the kids “doing it”? which was answered by Richard “the Lion Heart” Lion Heart.

Close behind it was the answer to Why was Han Solo on Tatooine? asked by TZHX, which was a favorite answer to the aforementioned Richard “the Lion Heart” Lion Heart. It was answered by phantom42.

Speaking of “the phantom,”* he liked the question Whose underwear is this? which has the advantage of being in the #2 spot for up-voted questions, and is more appropriate than the Harry Potter sexy times question. * (not actually a phantom)

He also liked the answer to Is Big Brother an actual person in the novel 1984? asked by Santa Claus (he doesn’t have any claws at all!) and answered by Thorsten S.

Was your favorite question/answer callously forgotten? Drop a link in the comments (scifi.SE links only).

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