Highlights from 2015 – 3rd Quarter

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Praxis asked Which 2015 technologies were correctly predicted by Back to the Future II?, receiving 203 votes, which was answered with many pictures by Wad Cheber. An answer that would have also been the top answer on the site, if it hadn’t been for…

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JeanPaul (AKA Azrael) asked Who are these DC superheroes?. Two answers came in within a minute, and one more two minutes later. Someone jokingly said “you didn’t answer the question unless you name everyone in the portraits too.” Jack B Nimble stepped up and identified everyone, receiving 190 votes. Runner up was the answer to the top question (182).

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CodeMed asked Which Marvel movies have NOT included Stan Lee cameos?, answered by Richard. This is a question which at the time of this writing has over 21,000 views (5000 more than the runner up) and only 7 votes. Runner up was the top question (203 votes).

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user14111 says:

Andrew Ferguson’s answer to my question “Reading order for the novels of R. A. Lafferty”.

Dr R Dizzle thinks a lot of himself, and says:

First, I’d like to nominate my self answered question “Does the general public know who superheroes really are in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?”. I put a lot of effort into it and I’m happy to say it was received well.

Second, I’d like to nominate my answer to the question “Why aren’t the people responsible for creating Ultron arrested at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron?”. This leans heavily on my knowledge of what (broadly speaking) will be happening next in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as some (solid and evidence based) speculation about the details of Captain America: Civil War.

And finally, I feel that my answer to the question “Are there any rules/guidelines regarding Spider-Man’s appearance?” never got as much attention as it deserved – it’s an interesting (and topical) question that, although potentially looking primarily opinion-based, actually had a definitive answer.

N_Soong says:



Major Stackings says:

I liked Why did Agent Smith & co. pursue (pre escaped) Neo through the Matrix instead of going to his pod? most of all my questions, and I’m too jealous to nominate anything better.

ThePopMachine says:

He asked In Star Trek, do the Greek gods lack nipples?, apparently, because of nipples.

And because I like when I think I have an interesting question and then after some research, it ends up fascinating.

So, of course this one too, which was both fascinating and a lot of work to do. But fun.

What’s the relationship among the many uses of the name “Praxis” in sci-fi? (hint: I answered in the form of a poem)

Avatar_sully claims:

Best Answer:

I’m surprised no one has mentioned Praxis’s answer to When was the Verteron Array built exactly and why wasn’t it used against the Xindi when they were about to destroy earth?

I only officially joined SFF this quarter, but I’ve been lurking around here for a while, and this is one of the nicest, most creative answers I have seen.

phantom42 agreed that the top answer for the quarter was in fact the top answer.

for its sheer and ridiculous overachieving.

Praxis says:



Richard says:


I think Hannover Fist deserves a special mention for the inventiveness and charm of his question about management policy:

And I rather liked Praxis’ question which was both topical and amusing:


Not to blow my own trumpet, but I thought my own answer to Slytherincess’ deceptively simple question was very good:

and the variety of **quality answers** to this question about science fiction is worthy of a mention:

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