Coverage of Star Trek 50th Anniversary Celebration for SFF:SE!

We’re in for an exciting five days: the Star Trek 50th Anniversary Celebration in Las Vegas!   Organized by Creation Entertainment, the fun starts on Wednesday 3 August and continues until Sunday August 7.

Star Trek 50 in Las Vegas!

I, Praxis, will be your (un)official SFF:SE correspondent. That’s right: I’m here in Las Vegas and will be reporting on each day’s worth of Romulan Ale-fuelled debauchery. I’ll endeavour to deliver any juicy morsels of little-known Star Trek lore that happen to be uttered in the panel sessions and generally report on the goings-on in this sea of special guests, rabid fandom, costumes, and merch.

Speaking of guests, the list is nothing short of incredible. Apart from a few notable absences (Patrick Stewart and Avery Brooks, unfortunately), nearly every living Star Trek actor will be present, including the indomitable William Shatner. We even have that poor guy who played Apollo in TOS whose nipples were taped over!

The full guest list is here.

I’ll also report any stray details regarding the new Star Trek TV series and upcoming films, should they be revealed.

So stay tuned over the next week as I provide your daily feed of Star Trek mania live from Las Vegas!

In the meantime, you can read about how a full-scale USS Enterprise had almost been built in downtown Vegas:

The Enterprise Has Landed


Star Trek 50 Coverage:


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