It’s Time to Give Star Trek: The Motion Picture Another Look 

Star Trek: The Motion Picture The Director's Edition Updated & Improved 4K Ultra HD

For more than a few Star Trek fans, the first cinematic outing featuring the crew of the Starship Enterprise is something they would rather forget. Star Trek: The Motion Picture is an outcast of the Trek family. Many prefer to pretend it doesn’t even exist and consider Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan as the true beginning of the film franchise. 

The recent release of the remastered “Director’s Edition” of the film in 4K UHD on Paramount+ provides an opportunity to revisit this venture. While it has not been magically transformed into an all-time masterpiece, it no longer deserves to be jettisoned into the wormhole of irrelevance. 

To fully appreciate the film, one must understand the context surrounding it – the rocky road to getting it made and how it paved the way for future installments on both the big and small screens. The drama behind the scenes more than matched what was shown on the screen when the movie premiered just ahead of Christmas 1979.  

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FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention (Fall 2019)

Another year, another FanX. This year’s major headliner was Tom Holland. They haven’t announced attendance numbers (yet), but traditionally the Fall show draws between 75,000 and 110,000 people. It certainly seemed crowded enough.

Christina Ricci Panel

Famous for her childhood role of Wednesday Adams and such movies as Casper, Sleepy Hollow, and Penelope, Christina Ricci comes across as a really nice person (it could be an act though).

When asked if she would like to play Cat Woman opposite Robert Pattinson as Batman she said “yes!” When asked if she had a Disney live action role she would want to play she said “Tinkerbell.”

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The Autobiography of James T. Kirk

This book takes place in the Prime continuity (i.e. not JJ Abrams) and was written before The Autobiography of Jean-Luc Picard, and while is interesting, suffers the same shortcoming as that book, in that David A. Goodman is obsessed with connecting the TV series to each other.

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The Autobiography of Jean-Luc Picard

This autobiography jumps through Picard’s life, trying to hit the highlights. As a story goes, there were a few interesting parts, discounting all the inconsistencies of stories told on the show verses how they are told here (do we chalk that up to an old and addled brained Picard or an author who couldn’t be bothered to do enough research?). Nearly all of the book covers events before Encounter at Farpoint, then takes one chapter to cycle through highlights of Picards tenure as captain of the Enterprise, and then gives a final chapter taking place after Nemesis. My biggest complaint is the author is trying too hard to connection Picard to everything. 

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