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Netflix’s “The Titan” in 100 Words (or Less)

The Titan‘s core is an interesting concept: genetically modifying people to survive life on Jupiter’s moon, Titan.

Make-up effects on the experiment participants is great.

But the movie fails. It tries to be a mystery thriller, but the trailer and description solved the mystery: the experiment works! Full horror, would have been better.

Too many pieces of the plot rely on convenience of events happening a certain way, in order to force a scene it was obvious they wanted (not needed).

The well-known stars did a disservice to their careers.

Would not watch again, once was enough. Thumbs down.

Review Spoiler Free

2 thoughts on “Netflix’s “The Titan” in 100 Words (or Less)

    • That’s my intent! I feel like all these long reviews are too complicated, and use a lot of different rating scales that don’t seem to sync up across reviews. So, I just want to get to the point and give you a rating that matches Netflix’s own rating system: like it, don’t like it, or no vote at all.

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