Mike Needs a New Set of Lungs

Update -> Unfortunately, while KutuluMike was able to get the lung transplant that he needs, he passed away about 1.5 years later due during the Covid-19 pandemic (although not due to Covid-19). He was remembered by friends on the Scifi.StackExchange.com Meta post KutuluMike (Michael Edenfield) has passed away.

Our very own KutuluMike needs to have both of his lungs replaced due to a severe lung disease. No one expects you to donate your lungs for this (in all likelyhood, you are currently using yours), and for whatever reason, he is only willing to accept human lungs (picky much?). However, he does have a Go Fund Me account where he is hoping to get money which will help sustain him after he gets a transplant. The money would go towards insurance, medical, and pharmaceutical costs. If you are able to contribute please do.

Go Fund Me <– click here to donate.

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One thought on “Mike Needs a New Set of Lungs

  1. Also willing to accept alien/future technology to grow lungs from my toenail clippings. Serious applicants only.

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