Avengers: Endgame Predictions

Avengers Endgame is the most anticipated new release for the week of April 25th, if not for the whole month of April. There are a lot of rumors, theories, predictions, and secrecy around the film, and here are the Agents of Nothing’s predictions.


This is all unsubstantiated hearsay guesses, but if even one thing is right and you feel like that is a crime and a spoiler, then you should stop reading now.


Basically, they not only know their enemy now, but also what the gauntlet and stones can do. And they find out about the Quantum Realm from Scott and Tony/Banner figure out how to use it to their advantage. Somehow they travel back in time, I haven’t decided how yet, with their own Stark Enterprise Infinity Gauntlet and start collecting the stones before Thanos does. Thanos, of course, gets wind of this and shows up to attack, this time leaving on his armor because the Avengers are now a credible threat to him. So now it’s fight for both of them to get all the stones before the other does, except Thanos still has an army.

The Avengers win that fight, but Tony dies when he snaps the gauntlet because a human can’t actually handle the infinity stones like that


I predict there will be a battle in the quantum realm and that Cap and/or Tony will die.


Stark and Cap get the glove off [Thanos]’s hand, use it to snap everyone back to life, then die. I propose that after credits scene will introduce either [Fantastic 4] or mutants.

Dr R Dizzle

My prediction is that they travel back in time in order to try to stop the Civil War from ever happening, so that the Avengers are united when the Black Order attacks rather than split across the entire globe. A further prediction: the way they do this is by having a past version of Tony Stark sacrifice himself during the Battle of New York, which means Ultron never gets created, the Sokovia Accords never pass and the Civil War never happens.

Jack B Nimble

Right after Infinity War, Captain Marvel shows up, and they rescue Iron Man and Nebula. Nebula tells them where to likely find Thanos, and they go after him, and then get beat down again. Probably Tony dies.
They limp back to Earth, and wallow in self pity for a few years.
Then Scott finds a way out of the Quantum Realm and finds the remaining Avengers, and explains how they can use it to time travel.
So then they mount a second attack, this time likely to take the infinity stones out of the timeline so Thanos cannot get them later.

In a quick survey conducted on notmoseiley.slack these are the people predicted most likely to die (permanently) by the end of the film.

The most interesting data point to me is Thanos has a better chance of surviving than Tony Stark.

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