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It’s about time for annual bills for running to start coming in.

These costs are all privately funded by CreationEdge (Grayson Lei

gh), and he’s started a GoFundMe to help offset some of those costs.

Check out the GoFundMe here:

Now, to be clear, the continued existence of is not dependent upon the fundraiser meeting its goal. It’s merely an easy, transparent way for readers to help with costs. There’s no expectations attached. And there will _never_ be ads used to offset costs.

For ease of reading, the full text of the fundraiser is below.

Update: 2020 is fully funded, and use of funds are tracked on the Funding Paper Trail page. Donations are being accepted for future costs, but at the current moment I encourage people to donate to another cause, such as Australian Wildfire Relief, Puerto Rico Earthquake Recovery, a creator’s Patreon/Ko-Fi, etc.

After Stack Exchange, Inc. discontinued the Blog Overflow domain and stopped hosting blogs for individual Stack Exchange Network sites, a small team of users took over handling the blog. Read about some of the history of what happened here.

We were provided all the original assets for official blog, which was a site.

In order to continue operating the blog with minimal impact to its functionality, access to its previous content, and its appearance, it was necessary to continue using a privately-hosted installation of WordPress.

I have been privately funding the entire cost of the blog, as well as maintaining the server configuration and WordPress installation. The maintenance requires 1-2 hours per month to keep the site secure.

However, I’m only looking for help for the hard costs of keeping the website up.

  • The web hosting is $131.88 USD every year, so about $11/month. The next bill will be due in late January 2020.
    • This cost is a little higher than the previous host, but we had many reports of poor speed/responsiveness from readers, so I migrated to a faster and slightly more expensive host.
  • The domain name ( costs $13.16 USD every year. This is standard ICANN pricing.

I’m asking for up to $150 in order to cover the costs ($145.04) of another year. The extra $5 covers the transaction fees that are processed from each donation.

In the unlikely event that I raise more than a single annual cost, any additional funds will simply be used to pay for future costs of maintaining the website, and nothing else.

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