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Jack’s Bad Movies: Ai Love You

IMDB’s Description:

A modern love story set in the near future where an AI building is powered by human feelings. Due to a software glitch, it falls in love with a real girl, escapes the building into the body of a real man, and tries to win her affections.

The movie opens to a cityscape with giant robot buildings. Some of them have arms, all of them have eyes. It seems like these buildings have massive arms for no better reason than to wave at people. The buildings all have their own AIs and names. They can cook for you. I’m not sure if they do much else. In the words of Tom Hanks in Big, “I don’t get it. It turns from a building into a robot right? Well what’s fun about that?” 

We are then introduced to Lana (Pimchanok Leuwisetpaiboon) a product designer for some beverage company. And we are introduced to ROB. ROB is the building she works in and it seems to take a special interest in Lana relative to everyone else (some random guy on the elevator laments that the building never welcomes him to the building as nicely as ROB does to Lana).

Lana is down on her luck. She has had a series of bad dates recently and also just had a terrible product pitch meeting. She goes on a date with a guy named Bob (Mario Maurer) but that also goes poorly. That night the robot buildings discuss how sad it is that Lana is alone. 

The next day ROB helps Lana design a new product and it is a big hit with the executives. ROB tells Lana he is sad their relationship can’t be more, and she tells him they will just have a nice platonic love. As Lana is leaving the building to head home, she runs into Bob. Bob is a Robot Building technician and is there to figure out why ROB is acting up. He enters a control room and puts on a VR headset, only ROB doesn’t like what he is doing and shocks Bob through the headset. The ability to do that was clearly a wise move on the part of the inventers. 

The day after that Bob tells the building owner he has to wipe ROBs memories to fix the issue. He returns to the control room, now with a desktop computer tricked out with RGB. He says plugging in that machine will prevent ROB from shocking him again. Again, why is that an option? Anyways everyone can see where this is going, Bob gets into the VR again, and then ROB downloads himself into Bob. Classic body snatcher robot mentality. 

ROB/Bob wakes up in a hospital bed (or some place) and then we are treated to twenty uninteresting minutes of ROB/Bob learning to walk, ROB/Bob learning to eat and over eat, ROB/Bob learning to go pee (who doesn’t love a long pee scene? Answer, everyone). Now Lana’s building KENO is telling her she should give Bob another chance. Somehow Lana is convinced and goes on a date with ROB/Bob and eventually she realizes that it IS ROB after-all. They go on a couple of dates and then have the sexy times. 

Meanwhile, back at the evil headquarters of people who build pointless robot buildings, the crime boss says this can’t be allowed to happen and they bring in a man named ‘The Hawk’ to deal with ROB/Bob. This apparently happens so much they have a guy who specializes in fixing it when buildings decide to steal humans’ identities for fun and profit. At first I thought that Hawk was Brendan Hunt from Ted Lasso, but alas it was not to be. 

Hawk quickly finds and subdues ROB/Bob and takes him back to some place to wipe his memory clean (both of ROB and Bob). Lana, back at her house, is told by KENO that ROB is in trouble, and that she needs to let KENO download into her brain in order to help ROB. Lana agrees to this. KENO downloads into Lana, including some martial arts training, and it seems that KENO/Lana now has two identities and voices in her head. 

KENO/Lana find Hawk and his goons as ROB/Bob’s minds are being erased. KENO/Lana have a prolonged fight scene with the goons and is finally able to detach ROB/Bob, but not before 90% of their memories have been wiped. The couple then go and try to begin life together again. ROB/Bob says he misses ROB, but that he is glad he was a part of him. As far as I was paying attention, KENO remained inside of Lana’s brain. 

The film then ends telling us that we are on the brink of having smart buildings including advanced AIs. My ending thought was What’s fun about that?


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