The Matrix Resurrections Review: 100 Words Or Fewer – Spoiler Free

The main cast of The Matrix Resurrections standing together with Neo (Reeves) standing at the centerThe Matrix Resurrections successfully builds on the foundation of the original trilogy.

This iteration takes advantage of the nature of The Matrix to reboot the setting and tackling modern issues, while able to fully maintain the integrity of the existing narrative. No retcons, no ignoring other films.

Like Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Resurrections is well-executed, fun, flavored with references to the originals, and feels like an authentic work in and of itself (not merely cash grab). I hope those two films represent the start of a new trend in expanding franchises.

I enjoyed it, I recommend it, I will watch it again.

Spider-Man: No Way Home – Spoiler Free

Spider-Man: No Way Home

If the opening box-office weekend is any indication, Spider-Man: No Way Home is a runaway success. As a contributor to that total, I can say that the movie has a lot going for it. It will make you laugh, if you are pregnant it will make you cry, and you will probably come out of the movie having enjoyed it. 

This movie is certainly the best of the Tom Holland trilogy. And that’s it, I can’t think of anything substantive to say about the movie that isn’t a spoiler. 

The Wakanda Files

Amazon’s description: 

An in-world book from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Wakanda Files—compiled by request of Shuri (Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War) as part of her quest to improve the future for all people—is a collection of papers, articles, blueprints, and notes amassed throughout history by Wakanda’s War Dogs.

The book contains pretty much all of the technology and enhancements covered in the movies up through the end of Avengers: End Game. It has reports and details as compiled and occasionally commented on by Shuri. It might be an interesting coffee table book, but I feel an avid MCU fan will not learn very much more from this book than they would have by being a keen observer of the movies. 

The most interesting part is on the closing page. 

“In less than five years, NASA went from “Little Joe II” to one giant leap for mankind and landed on the moon. In less than five years, Robert Noyce graduates from MIT, helped Kilby invent the integrated circuit, and revolutionized computing. In less than fives years, Einstein rewrote the laws of gravity, because he just didn’t think they were correct. 

And five years is the time I have missed while the world passed me by. They say that a curios mind is never still, but I have been at a complete halt. I am at a disadvantage. But I will make the most of it.” pg. 183

This observation that some breakthroughs are just five years away from making a massive change in our world using real-life examples can make a person hopeful for the advances just around the corner. 

Mark D. Owen’s Impact

Impact by Mark D. Owen

Amazon’s description

“We’ve found something here, something game-changing…” The explosion at the International Space Station (ISS) forever changed the direction of inventor Tamarind Chase’s life. His life mission was to mine asteroids, but when the accident triggers an expanding debris field it strands the scientists at Moonbase Verity including the friend that once saved his life. He must find a way to rescue them and empower the secret they have discovered.

“Impact” is the first book in The Pan Nationals series about a group of leaders trained to solve intractable world problems. But what happens when the problems come from beyond our world?

Impact is engaging, well-written, and offers a compelling story set in the near future. 

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