Welcome to Worldcon!

Sign for the Klingon Language InstituteToday, we drove from the Bay Area to Reno, Nevada. Upon arrival, we immediately headed for the Reno-Sparks Convention Center to pick up our Renovation Twitter mini-button Twitter mini-button (aka Worldcon, aka the 69th World Science Fiction Convention) badges and scope out the lay of the land.

As usual, we got a bit turned around at first, but then we saw the sign to the right—our clue that we were nearing our destination. We then picked up our badges and work out the logistics of Stack Exchange’s sponsorship of the Green Room, which—while not a Renovation issue—required us to stand in line to talk to people at six different help desks, split up over three floors.


Tom Whitmore and Karen Anderson

After finishing that sprint and taking a breather, we ran into our friend Karen Anderson Linked In mini-button Twitter mini-button, who is working on the con’s Daily Newsletter (she’s an editor and excellent writer by trade). She introduced us to her sweetie, Tom Whitmore Linked In mini-button.

Your fannish acronym of the day is SMOF, which stands for “Secret Master of Fandom.” Tom Whitmore definitely is one—he was a co-founder of The Other Change of Hobbit bookstore, a former Worldcon chair (for ConJosé, the 2002 Worldcon), and the Fan Guest of Honor at Denvention, the 2006 Worldcon.


The amazing Patty Wells

Tom and Karen then introduced us to Patty Wells, Renovation’s Convention Chair. That means she’s in charge of, well, basically, everything. It was immediately clear to us that she’s a lady who gets stuff done, and we found her to be amazingly un-frazzled and calm—particularly considering that this next week is the culmination for her of years of effort. If I was in her shoes, I’d be thinking about the three million things I had to do in the next hour. Instead, she was gracious and charming to the two of us—people she’d never met before.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is the first day of the convention, and if you have any questions about the program, the schedulethe speakersthe vendors, the costumes, the Hugo Awards, or the convention itself, just ask in the comments.

And now, it’s way past our bedtimes. More to come!


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