Interview: Jason Snell, host of The Incomparable SF&F Podcast

The Incomparable Podcast logoI came home from Renovation with some sort of Convention Crud™ which laid me low for about a week. so I’m just getting to the wrap-up posts I promised right at the end of the con. First up is my audio interview with Jason Snell, host of the excellent Science Fiction and Fantasy podcast, The Incomparable.

The Incomparable has been around for about a year as I post this, and it covers a wide range of SF&F, including books, movies, TV shows, comics, and just about anything else that relates to the genre. I interviewed Jason at Renovation on August 19, 2011, in one of the panel rooms between sessions.

Here is the interview; it’s 7:16 in length.


If you’re on an iOS device or otherwise can’t use the Flash player, you can also find the interview here.


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