Highlights from 2013 – 3rd Quarter

Meta Suggested:

Beofett liked Did the Ring Bearers or Gimli die in Valinor? asked by Kevin.

DavRob60 liked the late answer by Lawton to What is the significance of the reversed colours of imperial and rebellion lasers compared to lightsabres?

One of the more interesting questions to me from the quarter was Why does the original Robocop trailer have the Terminator theme music?

Interesting Stats:

The highest voted question Can You Tell My Robot to Kill Itself? was asked by kojiro. The highest voted answer is on the same question, and was provided by DJClayWorth, although this is not the accepted answer (a difference of 53 votes).

The second highest voted answer was supplied by Daniel Roseman to the question Who Inherited Bag End?

The most viewed question was asked by Madeyedexter, In Star Trek, does the transporter conserve the momentum of transported objects?

The most controversial question was Why are there so many times Harry was told about him having his mother’s eyes?

The highest voted comment was made by System Down on the question Is Trantor Earth?

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