Technologies We Should Have In 2015

2015 should be a big year in technology, if the movies are any indication. There are some of the things we are either supposed or have, or are woefully missing out on.

I personally don’t see the appeal of bringing a pet back to life but that is the initial premise of The 6th Day. Here are the technologies

  • Cloning of pets
  • Cloning of humans, with memory transplant
  • Jet Copters
  • Virtual Prostitutes

The present is made significantly more disappointing if you consider how much we were promised from Back to the Future 2

  • Mr. Fusion
  • Power Laces
  • Self Adjusting/Drying Clothing
  • Robot Gas Stations
  • Holographic Movies
  • News Camera Drones
  • Robot Trashcans
  • All things Hover (cars, boards, belts)
  • Exceptional Weather Service
  • Food Hydrators

The movie Memory Run (or Synapse, depending on who you ask) seems to offer only a couple of things

  • The ability to move a consciousness into another body
  • The ability to monitor and control someone based on their behavior (violence = bad)



4 thoughts on “Technologies We Should Have In 2015

  1. Runaway (1984 film)
    – household helper robots for cooking, cleaning, that look humanoid (I think the Japanese are approaching these)
    – robot automated farm harvesters
    – extremely small video camera/tracking drones (we do have these)
    – “smart” bullets that can turn corners (almost have these, see wire-guided missiles)
    – police using mediums (remote viewers?)
    – “assassin robots” (do we have killer drones today?)

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