Jack’s Bad Movies – Circle of Iron (1978)

IMDB Description:

A young martial artist embarks on an adventure, encountering other martial artists in battle until one day he meets an aging blind man who will show him the true meaning of martial arts and life.

The opening scroll of this movie says it was drafted by Bruce Lee, and it has some controversial views on Zen. We’ll see how much this movie relates to Zen, or how much they are simply trying to trade on Bruce Lee’s name.

The movie starts us off at a tournament, and already I feel bad for everyone in the movie. The martial arts performance is not great. Off to the side is a huge white guy with blonde hair and no shirt named Cord (Jeff Cooper). Sans a medallion, he could be Yor. Several people who apparently don’t matter lose their matches, and now it is between shirtless Cord, and Morthond. They fight for a minute or so, then Cord knocks him down and ¬†uses that classic double fisted strike they teach every cadet at Starfleet Academy. Cord is the winner, but no, the silly judge declares he cheated and disqualifies him. Morthond is declared the winner.

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