Highlights from 2014 – 1st Quarter

Meta Suggested:

Avner Shahar-Kashtan suggested:

Richard (the vampire slayer) suggested this question and his subsequent answer:

Anthony Grist suggested:

Admittedly I might be a little biased because I got a lot of votes for my answer to it as well, but it’s something I think a lot of people who read the books wouldn’t have necessarily been clear on, and not just limited to those whose first language isn’t English.

It was kind of a Lord of the Rings quarter for the site, stats wise.

The question with the highest up-vote (by a huge margin) was Would the One Ring even work for anyone but Sauron? asked by Alexander Winn. Not surprisingly, this question also had the most views.

The second most viewed question was Why did Sméagol become addicted to the ring, when Bilbo did not? asked by User21319.

The answer with the most up-votes was for the question Do Lord of the Rings or The Silmarillion pass the Bechdel test? was answered by Jimmy Shelter. The second most up-voted answer was from the most up-voted question, and the third most up-voted answer was from the second most viewed question.

Highlights from 2013 – 4th Quarter

Meta Suggested:

DVK had some interesting things to share.

He liked both the question and answer to Was the Cantina music deliberately off-tune or just an artifact of cheap production? asked by user17807.

The question How did Jabba become such a powerful crime lord? asked by Beofett.

He also liked the question and answer of Why do the lightsaber moves of Luke Skywalker look so uncoordinated and crude compared to the prequels? asked by vadr

For under appreciated answers he lists Who or what was Tom Bombadil? and Why are there humans in the Star Wars Universe?. These answers came years after the original questions were asked, but merit reading.

Donald McLean suggested Borg Naming Conventions asked by thea-kronborg, in an exploration of how borg pets get their names.

Interesting Stats:

The most up-voted question with the highest voted answer goes to Was the Cantina music deliberately off-tune or just an artifact of cheap production?

The second highest voted question was Why did the Dwarves build Erebor with wide hallways big enough for dragons to fit in? asked by Truffant.

The most viewed question (with a whopping 41367 views at the time of this writing) was Questions on ending of Thor: The Dark World, which is actually two questions rolled into one question asked by Anon.


Highlights from 2013 – 3rd Quarter

Meta Suggested:

Beofett liked Did the Ring Bearers or Gimli die in Valinor? asked by Kevin.

DavRob60 liked the late answer by Lawton to What is the significance of the reversed colours of imperial and rebellion lasers compared to lightsabres?

One of the more interesting questions to me from the quarter was Why does the original Robocop trailer have the Terminator theme music?

Interesting Stats:

The highest voted question Can You Tell My Robot to Kill Itself? was asked by kojiro. The highest voted answer is on the same question, and was provided by DJClayWorth, although this is not the accepted answer (a difference of 53 votes).

The second highest voted answer was supplied by Daniel Roseman to the question Who Inherited Bag End?

The most viewed question was asked by Madeyedexter, In Star Trek, does the transporter conserve the momentum of transported objects?

The most controversial question was Why are there so many times Harry was told about him having his mother’s eyes?

The highest voted comment was made by System Down on the question Is Trantor Earth?

Highlights from 2013 – 2nd Quarter

Some of the popular questions (as suggested though meta):

Averroes asks How did the Death Star manage the debris after exploding a planet?

DavRob60 wonders what creative liberties are being taken with the Ender’s Game movie asking Did Mazer Rackham have a tattooed face in Ender’s Game book?

Sachin Shekhar wonders Who became Emperor of the Galactic Empire after death of Emperor Palpatine? DVK had the best answer.

Some of the popular answers:

Does the death penalty exist in comics? answered by Jeff

Has there ever been a Dalek civil war? answered by alexwlchan

Why was Mace Windu Surprised when Jango Fett was Decapitated? answered by DVK

Interesting Stats:

The most controversial question was Did the Borg follow a Borgesian philosophy?

The most voted question (and second most voted answer) came from What is the origin of the “Riker Chair Maneuver”? asked by Beofett

The most viewed question (asked by Logan) by nearly double the runner up was Who is torturing Theon Greyjoy and why? Sidenote, this question, for all its views, only has 2 votes (at the time of this article).

The highest voted answer (from Jeff) was Does the death penalty exist in comics? In third place was Was Picard speaking French and being translated the entire time?



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